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 My wife, Meg, and I on the best day EVER. Photo by the immensely gifted  Manzanita Photography

My wife, Meg, and I on the best day EVER. Photo by the immensely gifted Manzanita Photography



Telling stories through pictures is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I'm incredibly thankful that couples trust me with such a sacred thing. 

My style is a little different from other photographers. I don't plan out shots or apply a template to your wedding. I embrace spontaneity wholeheartedly. I look at my time with couples as a unique opportunity to be completely creative and make one-of-a-kind art together.

Let's toss that checklist out. Let's be different, uniquely us. Let's forge our own path. Let's show the world who you are, because your story is unlike any other and that is the most beautiful thing.

A quick Primer on me:

  • I'm a little colorblind. Seriously. I'm a colorblind photographer. Yikes.
  • I'm the staff photographer at Gonzaga University during the week. It's a crazy fun job.
  • My favorite animal is a fox. What's your's?
  • I grew up in Washington, moved to Colorado, and then back to Washington. I'm so happy to be back.
  • I can go toe-to-toe with anyone on Seinfeld knowledge. Go ahead, try me.
  • I sprained both of my wrists at the same time trying to snowboard. I ski now.
  • I think mayonnaise is an abomination. Keep it off my sandwiches.

Happy Campers:

We will look back on these photos for the rest of our lives and re-live the best.day.ever.
— Megan G.
He has an impeccable eye for the artistic shot and setting the scene.
— Samantha M.
The moments he was able to capture during our wedding day were so genuine and full of emotion.
— Katy P.

If you think we would make a rockstar team, drop me a line!

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