2016 in review || Marriage and Moves

2016 was full of action for our family. I had my busiest wedding season yet with nothing but awesome couples. I married my best friend in Boulder with the Flatirons looming tall behind us. Four days later we moved away from Denver, heading back out west to where we met: Spokane, WA. 11 days after our wedding I started my shiny new job as the photographer for Gonzaga University. Three short weeks after we left for our (incredibly epic) honeymoon to New Zealand for two weeks. 

All of this adds up to leave us feeling like the fast forward button has been glued down since June.

Our hearts ache constantly for the mountains and people we left behind in Colorado, but in those same hearts we know that we're moving in the right direction. We can't wait to see what vine we grab onto next as we swing through this jungle called life. 

Let's boogie, 2017


p.s. That honeymoon I mentioned? You won't find any pictures from there in this gallery because the last 4 posts are dedicated to that. Check 'em out!